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Sharing Your Hustles and Dreams Everywhere.

An audio community that seeks to transfer trust through storytelling and conversation.

Started by Niranjan Kumar & Jeremiah Oteh.

Learn Fresh Podcast

The Learn Fresh Podcast explores the fundamental issues impacting education today.

Nick and & Calvin discuss topics around racial and gender equity, innovative learning models, cross-sector collaboration in education, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education landscape.

Hosts: Nick Monzi & Calvin Sibert

SYHDE Podcast

SYHDE (Sharing Your Hustles & Dreams Everywhere) is a podcast about you. It’s a snapshot of a moment of time in your life.

"Some people capture moments through a camera lens. Others capture moments through melody and song. We capture moments through conversation."

Season 1: The Experiment
Season 2: Entrepreneurs, Artists, & Creatives

Hosts: Niranjan & Jeremiah

All Things Audio

All things Audio is a podcast about new developments in the audio space. We talk about audio and voice technology resources, podcast companies, podcast streaming deals, and more. We also dive into the tools we have used to build our own podcasts.

Hosts: Niranjan & Jeremiah

Penn Law Perspectives

Hosted by Jeremiah—Penn Law 2020 alum—Penn Law Perspectives is a podcast for members of the Penn Law community to voice how the global pandemic has impacted their law school experiences, work experiences, and personal experiences.

Host: Jeremiah Oteh

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